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Modular design solutions

Contact us for complete design offerings and ready to use building plans

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Develop custom designs and building solutions with the help of professionals

Carpentry training

We offer workshop or on-line carpentry training support to build houses

Furniture design and skills training

We offer workshop skills training classes to build furniture

Why Wood?

Globally there’s a shift towards sustainable development and resource use. Timber offers the perfect carbon friendly solution and research shows that South Africa has huge resource potential and timber supply. 

  • Resource: SA plantations are FSC certified and renewable
  • Design: Good design leads to sustainable living
  • Training: Skills training leads to job creation

Why Self-build and Training?

Guided and proven self build projects offers the following benefits: skills training, job satisfaction, cost savings and job creation

  • Jobs: Leads to stability
  • Saving: Time and money
  • Creating: Jobs, safe homes and future resources